Lal Cares is a non-profit cultural & welfare unit of Mohanlal Fans. The main aim of the association is welfare and charity.It was started in 2013 in UAE, then followed by Bahrain. In 25th July 2014 the association reached a new milestone as the World’s first fans association to enter in the Guinness Book of World Records on charity making the world’s largest charity box named wooden chest. LalCares Qatar was founded in December 2016 and we have been associated with several welfare programs including Blood Donation Camps since then.

Mohanlal Fans Online Unit Qatar

MFOUQ was founded in December 2016 with the objective of conducting promotions for the actor’s movies & other projects. Main Focus of our offline activities are Movie Fans Show across the country during its release. We also serve as an online platform for promotions for Mohanlal Movies & Excusive news. Since the establishment we were closely associated with All Kerala Mohanlal Fans & Cultural Welfare Asociation(AKMFCWA), Mohanlal Fans Club(MFC) & other Official Fans Community.

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